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Digitalcoin Experts Intelligence Report


Are you ready to have a team of top cryptocurrency experts back you up in your efforts to be a successful investor? That is exactly what DEIR is all about. DEIR stands for the Digital Coin Experts Intelligence Report which is a series of audio/visual and written lessons that focus on the secrets of our expert’s success. In addition DEIR provides real time coin buying and selling alerts. DEIR also supplies timely interviews with the people who really know the industry which are sent to you during your DEIR Crash Training.

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Crash Training Works

The DEIR crash training period is designed to rapidly provide a full series of lessons as well as timely alerts and audio training from our experts to catch you up to the light speed advances made daily in the digital currency world. The faster you learn the more success you should have in trading of the many cryptos and digital currencies that are out there like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The DEIR crash Training is a 90 intense period of investor assistance the likes of which you probably never have experienced. It’s like the crypto-coin world meets marine basic training.

What Do You Learn?

Our experts teach you about just some of the following topics:

Which coins could do well in the next 30 to 60 days after January 1st, 2018. You also find out “why” they know.
How to pick the right coin to buy into.
Where and how do you find out about the next hot currencies.
What you look for specifically from a currency that tips you off to its possible rapid value growth.
What trading exchanges are the best to trade on.
What are the biggest mistakes that people make when buying crypto currencies.
When exactly you buy and “sell”.

What Is The DEIR Crash Training Composed Of

The DEIR is made up of these main components:

  • Two dozen speed lessons which teach you one piece of vital information in each lesson. Learn easy–learn fast–apply fast!
  • Audio briefings that talk about how you find, buy and sell any given coin to maximize your chances of success.
  • Buy/sell alerts which are sent to you when need them most during the crash training period.
  • Live Q&A sessions with the expert faculty of DEIR.
  • Ongoing updates of a highly valuable question and answer file that can give you information that very few other people have access to.
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Special Prelaunch Offer

The “first” 90-day DEIR Crash Training course is only going to be offered to a limited number of trainees. We are launching on the 2nd of January 2018. The first participants will only pay $199.00 for the “entire” 90 day crash training period. Our plan is the sign all the first participants in training period one BEFORE the first of January. You need to sign up immediately before all the positions are gone. Click on the button below and get involved in DEIR Crash Training One.

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