Here is Your Digital Genie That Predicts Markets Correctly Up to 86% of the Time


“Finally, a simple way to predict markets using the power of artificial intelligence guaranteed to allow anyone to profit.”

This is the only proven way to create wealth.

Digital Frontier News has partnered with Vantage Point Software, a leader in bringing artificial intelligence to trading.

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A recent win with VantagePoint software.

As Bitcoin continues to make headlines around the world, VantagePoint called this downtrend way back in July.

What would it mean to you if you knew if the price of Bitcoin was going to go up or down?  

Now you can with VantagePoint’s proprietary artificial intelligence software.  

Read on below on how you can use it for your own trading.

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Give You the Tools to Predict Markets Correctly 86% of the Time.

If you knew what direction a currency was going to go, it would give you the insight to be able to get in and out of a market at the right time.  It’s not quite a license to print money, but it’s pretty close.

For a limited time, Digital Frontier News has been able to secure 250 licenses for Vantage Points cryptocurrency AI Software.


With VantagePoint AI Forecasting software you get to pick up to five cryptocurrencies to track.  As a special bonus, we have arranged for one of their trainers to install and train you personally on the software.

So many software companies just sent you a link and some videos and leave you on your own, but not VantagePoint.  Statistics show that users who have help in installing and one on one training on the software have the highest level of success.

DISCLAIMER: Despite the fact we can document many of our students are investing profitably anyone learning about cryptocurrencies online must be aware as in any investment there is an inherent risk.

There is no guarantee or warranty that students will have the same or similar results as these people. This training is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any investment product(s) or amount to any regulated activities.

Investors are advised to seek independent advice before investing in any investment product(s) or adopting any investment strategies.

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